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Zach Shelton

Director of Bands

Zach Shelton received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Music Education from Campbellsville University. He has been Director of

Bands with the Boyle County School District since August 2019. He previously spent 11 years rebranding and building a program to be proud of at Campbellsville Middle School and Campbellsville High School.

Throughout his career, his bands consistently increase in size and earn numerous distinguished ratings in both the marching and concert band circuits. Many of his students have participated in All-District and All-State bands, some even placing within the top 10 in the state on their instrument. He is an active member of KMEA and served as the Fourth District’s President-Elect and President, and is currently serving as President-Elect of the 11th district. 

Zach is a strong advocate for arts education. He strives to provide students with opportunities to experience music in various ways, including within the district, but also through All-District, All-State, Honors bands, and community events. He loves building community partnerships on

behalf of his students and as part of his advocacy efforts. His passion for music is inspiring, as is his passion for teaching his students and fostering a sense of community within his programs.  

"Some thoughts on 2020.....It wasn’t what I wanted. But as it turns out I needed to slow down some. I found some joy in the little
 things. I have enjoyed our practice times, it wasn’t just a rat race to always be pushing to add or tweak. We could laugh at each
 other, poke fun of the silly things that were said or done... I have truly enjoyed this moment in time, with these people and
 wouldn't take it back. Thanks Band family you mean the world to me."


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