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Welcome to the Band Family!

Being a part of the Boyle County Band can be an equally enriching experience for both you and your child.  The first step is to get out of the car and come say "Hello!".  We have all been the new band parent and we are all excited to meet you!

The marching band family.

Who is a band booster?

If your student is part of the band program, you are! All current parents and family members are encouraged to become actively involved! Everyone is

Band volunteers

welcome to work together to support and improve the instrumental music program for our children. Attend the monthly meetings and get involved in the decision making.

What do we do?

The primary role of

the band boosters is to support the students of Boyle County Band. There are many administrative and physical details to running such a large and successful program.

Band Boosters

Mr. Shelton has no secretarial staff support. The board fills this role by helping coordinate and execute the logistics involved in organizing the weekly needs of the band. 

Boyle County Marching rebels semi

There is a substantial amount of planning that goes into preparing for band camp, football games, competition travel, and fundraising. Without an active booster program all of these tasks would be managed solely by Mr. Shelton.

Boyle County Marching Band "The Show"

Whether you are organized and a born leader, an artist who can help paint and design the props for the show, good at braiding hair, washing uniforms, someone who can lend an extra hand at pulling props onto the field, or bring your four wheeler to pull percussion, you can help and you would be very welcome!  

 Fun time parents
Field band
Eating food

Volunteering is really the best way to:

- break the ice and meet other parents

- know what’s going on

- learn how things operate so new parents are prepared to take  over as parents of seniors leave the program

- feel like you are involved

Band dads fun
Funnel Cakes Boyle County
props high schools

Where can I volunteer?

-Football Concessions

-Funnel Cake Booth

-Bus Chaperone

-Home Competition Team

-State competition Team

-Visual Performance Committee   

  • Prop Build Team

  • Prop Field/Loading Team

  • Uniform Parent

  • Wonderful Washer Team

-Association Board Member (elected)

-Finance Committee

-Fundraising Planning Committee

-Fundraising Execution Committee

-Event Committee

-Nominating Committee


-Red book Advisor

Band hotel
Marching band props
Band Moms


coming together is a

keeping together is 



working together is 


-Henry Ford

Please contact us at and we can help get you plugged in.

Band dads
Band Props
Band semi
"The Show"
Boyle County Bands
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